Tuesday, 26 April 2011

3 Tips for Screening Potential Dates in Online Dating Chat Rooms

According to the US Census, 50% of New Yorkers and 70% of the population of Washington DC are singles. The total number of singles in US is close to 100 million. Yet you don't find enough good candidates for dating! Maybe you need better networking. One option is to log on to a website that has online dating chat rooms.

Online dating chat rooms have been placed on dating websites for a very important reason. As the numbers suggest, there are hundreds or thousands of potential dates that you could meet at a website. Many of them would be interested in meeting you and taking things further. But since there is hardly anything you know about each other, how do you decide whether to move from the online world to real life dating?

Most often, meeting the wrong person is the end result. Online dating chat rooms offer a way out of this. Since a profile has too little information on which to base a decision and a meeting takes time and effort, you can use online dating chat rooms to decide whether the suitor is worth spending your time on. But what exactly does one look for? Here is a small list to help.

What to Look For on Online Dating Chat Rooms?

Self Confidence: Confidence, they say, is the most sought after trait in the dating arena. People lacking confidence are often seen as needy and clingy. In extreme cases, they can be an emotional wreck and can bring instability to your life. Screening for confidence is partially hardwired into human brains. People pick clues of confidence, while meeting others. But explicitly looking for it, in your pre dating screening process, will ensure that you meet the right people.

However, remember there is a difference between confidence and overconfidence. Overconfident people are insecure and are putting up a display of fake confidence to mask their inner flaws. Avoid them.

Self Discipline: A relationship must follow its due course and must pass through a series of stages. You first show casual interest, enjoy each other's company and then start a romantic relationship. Any suitor that tries to woo you on online dating chat rooms must understand this. If you find someone skipping stages and jumping the gun too soon, beware! It can be flattering in the beginning, but it becomes boring later. Your suitor must be self disciplined enough to hold on to their emotions until they know you feel the same way too. This signifies that they are in no hurry and are genuinely looking for a partner, rather than being in love with the idea of being in love!

Pleasant Company: If you find your suitors dull or lacking in enthusiasm, avoid them! They may be great people but you need to understand that chemistry is all about pleasing each other. If they can't bring a smile to your face, they aren't your best choice. Look for people with a good sense of humor, but don't overemphasize it. You are looking for a dating partner and not a standup comedian! You can gauge their sense of humor on online dating chat rooms.

A last word of caution - make sure you get to know the person well before you agree to meet offline. We all know the risks of internet stalkers.

If you are looking for 1000's of interesting profiles as well as the opportunity to pre-screen them. This site has online dating chat rooms to ensure initial communication and aid you in making a better choice.

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